Air France-KLM to levy surcharge on legacy GDS company bookings: Journey Weekly


Air France-KLM will prolong its surcharge of 13 euros per one-way ticket this spring to company bookings when they aren’t enabled through NDC. 

As a part of that course of, the airline group will dispose of private-channel preparations that allowed some company journey companies to keep away from the surcharge on legacy GDS bookings. 

The transfer, which the airline group confirmed to Journey Weekly, was initially reported in France and was later reported by The Beat, a Journey Weekly sister publication. 

“There is no such thing as a 26 euro surcharge if you’re on NDC. The surcharge will solely be activated when the company stays within the conventional GDS surroundings,” Air France-KLM spokeswoman Helen Ames mentioned. 

Air France-KLM first carried out a GDS surcharge of 11 euros one-way in 2018 for leisure bookings and has since raised the price to 13 euros. The transfer was a part of the airline group’s technique to push journey companies towards NDC-supported direct-channel gross sales. Subsequently, Air France-KLM has entered into NDC indirect-channel offers with Amadeus and Travelport, however not with Sabre. 

Ames mentioned that leisure companies have been step by step transferring their enterprise with Air France-KLM to NDC channels and that at the moment 80% of leisure OTA quantity is NDC-enabled. 

She mentioned the private-channel offers have been a option to assist company companies whereas making the transition to NDC-enabled retailing.

Although Air France-KLM doesn’t assess the 13 euro surcharge for NDC-enabled Travelport and Amadeus bookings, a “small surcharge” nonetheless applies, Ames mentioned. She declined to substantiate the quantity. 

In accordance with The Beat, Air-France KLM confirmed late final yr that NDC-enabled transactions inside Travelport have a surcharge of 1.40 euros to three euros. The airline group mentioned these figures are just like the surcharges assessed inside the Amadeus GDS.

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