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Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Sports & Fitness Video Review Posted

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Sports & Fitness Video Review Posted


This is a super quick post for folks waiting on the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 In-Depth review, to note, that the video review is now up and available! I’ll have the written review out shortly, but this gets you a head start on things, and is basically a distilled version of what I cover in the written review. In the in-depth written review I’ll also cover non-new things like general activity tracking, sport mode profiles a bit more, and then of course provide all the original/raw data comparison sets to dig into (and a lot more examples of them). This is based on three Watch4 units I have: One Watch4 Classic, and two different Watch4 (base) units.

The results in the video include workouts as recent as yesterday (with firmware as recent as then too). The video is timestamped, so here are the key parts of the video if you want to dive straight in:

0:00 Overview of Models
1:58 WearOS 3.0 and Sports Apps
3:13 Body Composition Measuring
5:35 New Optical HR Sensor
6:23 Sleep & Snoring Tracking
7:19 Nightly Blood Oxygen Tracking
7:51 Compass in Google Maps
8:27 ECG Functionality
9:15 Blood Pressure Measurement
:52 Running Tests
11:49 Cycling Tests
13:11 Swim Testing
14:40 Wrap-up

Again, hoping to have the written review up shortly – but just wanted to get this in peoples hands until that is finished. Feel free to drop any questions below of course too!

Thanks for watching!



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