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Tour des Suds Race Celebrates Local Biking Legacy

Tour des Suds Race Celebrates Local Biking Legacy


In a yearly tradition that falls somewhere between a bike race, fundraiser and party, the 2021 Tour des Suds had a strong showing Sunday.



As usual, all 400 spots in the Tour des Suds filled up for Sunday’s race.

Bikers in costume charged through seven miles of trails, gaining 2,700 feet of elevation. After the climb, riders celebrated with “suds,” aka beer.

For some, it was a race, while for others, it was a “party on bikes.”

“It was amazing,” said Lora Smith, Mountain Trails Foundation executive director, an organizer of Tour des Suds. “The smoke cleared, the weather cooperated, the roster filled up, and we had a full race and then some. It couldn’t have been a better turnout. The community loves this race. It’s more like a party on bikes than it is a race. Really, it’s just about getting the community together and celebrating our legacy of great mountain biking.”

Smith didn’t have information about money raised yet, but says the foundation usually just aims to break even. She says her organization was more focused on hosting a fun event for the community.

Women’s race results:

Addisyn Lundberg and Elle Deschenes won the teenager categories, Sofia Hamilton won the 20 to 29 category, Amanda Felder won among 30-39-year-olds, and Meghan Sheridan won among 40-49-year-olds with the fastest overall time of 54 minutes and 55 seconds. Roxanne Toly won the 50s category, Leslie Riddle the 60s, and Nancy Fichter was the sole racer in the 70+ category.

Men’s results:

Bean Altschuler was the fastest of the 9-and-unders, Sam Kirschner and Maddux Leonard won the 10-through-20 categories, Fletcher Taylor in the 20s age group, Barrett Brandon edging out DJ Harper in the 30s, and Jason Hendrickson won the 40s with the fastest overall time of a second under 49 minutes.

Andy Beerman led the 50s category, Gale Shaw won a close race in the 60s over Charles Brisbee and Gregg Bromka, and Chris McMaster was the winner of the 70s and over.

Some riders were towing children. Bradley Cason was the fastest man to do so, and to lead the women’s category, Bonny Cason was only two seconds slower.


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