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Bokeelia resident Harold Harms performing. PHOTO PROVIDED


Harold Harms has been a musician almost all of his life. Born in Dearborn, Michigan, he followed his passion for music and music education obtaining an associate of arts degree in pre-music from Manatee Community College, Bradenton, Florida, followed by a bachelor of music degree and a master of music degree in applied percussion from the University of Miami.

Although still in the process of marketing his music, Harms said his love for it began as a child, with his parents and teachers acting as his first mentors.

“When I was a kid, I listened to a lot of different music,” said Harms. “I decided to major in music. I was playing professionally while I was going to college and songwriting just came along.”

While attending college, he became a graduate teaching assistant and later, an adjunct professor of music, which he said prepared him for 25 years experience as a professor of music at Miami-Dade College. As a professor of music he said he founded a program and a curriculum in the field of sound engineering. His program was based on recording studio operations, MIDI electronic music lab instruction, concert sound system set-up and operation studies.

Harold Harms at his drum set in his Pine Island home. PHOTO PROVIDED

In the area of instrumental music, he created an upper and lower division applied percussion curriculum and founded a percussion ensemble at Miami-Dade College, where he was the conductor. Harms is skilled at piano in addition to all percussion instruments, including, timpani, xylophone and Latin percussion. He said although he sings, he hires musicians to perform his song demos.

Having no desire to perform his own music, the dream for Harms is to sell one of his original pieces and have it done by a known performer. Currently, Harms has all of his demos recorded in Nashville.

“I do work-demos at home and then I send them to a studio in Nashville, where I have been doing work for about 15 years,” said Harms, explaining that the studio books the musicians to cut song tracks and books singers for a professional sound.

Harms continues professional activities as a songwriter, vocalist and drummer. You can listen to his music at haroldharmsmusic.com

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