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CoinPanel has recently launched a revolutionary trading feature that could change the lives of cryptocurrency investors.

The platform’s Chart Mirroring function allows traders at any level to instantly see the technical analysis, entry, and exit zones from professional traders, enabling them to set their cryptocurrency trading strategies

Aiming to level the playing field for all investors, CoinPanel’s Chart Mirroring feature gives traders with any level of experience access to professionals’ cryptocurrency trading charts so even investors that have just started trading digital assets can get first-hand insight into setting up their trades.

Investors worldwide are increasingly drawn to cryptocurrency trading as the new asset class can provide much higher returns than traditional investments. The global cryptocurrency market capitalization is now over $2 trillion, more than doubling its record in 2020. 

Actively trading cryptocurrency may be risky for most investors, as you could lose your capital due to the volatility of digital asset prices. It is common for traders to lose money quickly by trading cryptocurrencies.

The only other option for many investors is to HODL their Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, but the profits may only come at a later stage, risking the expense of opportunity cost. 

While the benefit of investing in cryptocurrencies is definitely the fluctuation of prices giving investors the opportunity to win big during times of volatility. However, the opposite could happen, which could lead to massive losses. Professional traders rely on a number of tools, with one of the most essential tools being technical analysis.

Technical analysis may be difficult for the average investor. Still, should investors decide to get into cryptocurrency trading, it is an important skill to learn. 

Why is technical analysis important?

Technical analysis is used by trading veterans to identify trading opportunities by analyzing the trends given by the cryptocurrency trading charts. It is essential to help traders identify the proper entry and exit points, which leads to spotting the right time to invest in the market and withdrawing money with profit. 

With the help of chart patterns, trend lines, and technical indicators, traders can understand historical price data, which becomes the most crucial aspect of an investor’s trading life. 

What if there is a way to learn technical analysis live 24/7, with the help of experts? Investors could then acquire the new skill while benefiting from the trading setup given by industry leaders.

CoinPanel’s Chart Mirroring feature allows beginners to access expert traders’ charts live and 24/7, providing an understanding of the future price trend projections across various cryptocurrencies. 

Learn technical analysis from experts to trade smarter with CoinPanel

The Chart Mirroring function aims to make it more efficient for traders at any level to learn technical analysis to form better trading strategies. Be the first to know which cryptocurrencies are about to make big moves with the help of industry experts on CoinPanel. 

Whether you are a beginner or have some technical analysis experience, Chart Mirroring makes trading a lot easier with industry experts’ charts right in front of you. 

All indicators and drawing tools are available on CoinPanel. With just a click of a button, technical analysis is already done for you by professional traders. All you need to do is use the information provided and make your trading decisions afterward. Based on the trading charting on the screen, you can then set up your entry, take-profit, and stop-loss orders simultaneously with the full trade feature on CoinPanel’s automated trading platform. 

The Full Trade feature allows traders to be able to set take-profit and stop-loss orders at the same time without having the coin balance being blocked by either order. This is a major advantage for investors who wish to make a profit on their trades and minimize risks, which is not available when trading on exchanges directly. This also saves time from setting alerts to notify you when a price level is hit since the automation already does this for you based on take-profit and stop-loss trades you set.

Once your entry has been filled, you will be able to track your profits and losses on the positions tab on CoinPanel. On the same platform, without having to use a third-party app, the positions feature enables you to access your trading strategies and their effectiveness. Being able to learn, reflect, and track your trades seamlessly could allow you to improve your strategy of making profits in the future.

CoinPanel’s Chart Mirroring feature allows you to get direct access to multiple charts from different professional traders, which could even support and offer insight and ideas to those who have some experience with technical analysis. 

Chart Mirroring is also an efficient tool for market analysts who wish to share their projections in the market with their community. Experts who are looking to add value to their communities or wish to simplify trading for them can share their technical analysis through CoinPanel’s Chart Mirroring to provide their charts live to their community, 24/7.
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