AEW Fans Have Turned “The Suzuki Incident” Into a Meme


Last week’s edition of AEW Dynamite saw Japanese wrestling legend Minoru Suzuki make his in-ring debut for the company, losing to Jon Moxley in a bloody main event. And while the match was praised for its brutality, there was a production decision AEW made that wound up annoying die-hard fans of the Suzuki-gun leader. Suzuki’s typical entrance has him walking to the ring to the song “Kazi Ni Nare” by Ayumi Nakamura, and it has become a tradition for him to step between the ropes just as the song and fans in attendance shout “Kazi Ni Nare.” But Suzuki wasn’t given enough time to complete the entrance, and Moxley’s music hit long before his entrance song could hit its refrain.

Wrestling fans decided to have fun with the situation and began referring to it as “The Suzuki Incident.” They then took quotes about some of the most infamous moments in wrestling history and swapped in the Suzuki Incident, making for some hilarious tweets. You can see some of the best in the list below!



Let Me Tell You Something, Brother…


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