Condo Adviser: What legal authority do condo complex mask mandates have?


A. Due to the surge of COVID- 19 due to the Delta variant, various government bodies in Illinois have reimplemented mask mandates that had previously expired or had been rescinded. Specifically, in the City of Chicago, Public Health Order 2021-1, which became effective on Aug. 20, currently mandates masks for all persons above the age of 2 who can medically tolerate a mask in indoor public settings, expressly including common or shared spaces in a multiunit residential building or condominium building. The Cook County Department of Public Health issued a mandate for indoor public areas also effective Aug. 20 that includes multiunit residential buildings and condominium buildings. Gov. J.B. Pritzker then issued Executive Order 2021-20 effective Aug. 30 that implemented a mask mandate for all indoor public areas throughout the State of Illinois, which would include indoor communal areas of residential and condominium buildings.

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