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Launching GAMEX Studio was a key role to merge the cryptocurrency and gaming world by implementing in-game NFT, developing several games based on the community’s voice as they play an important role in the GAMEX policy. Listening to the players is what makes a good project sustainable. As NFT and art are a good combination GAMEX art is a place where art lovers can dive into abstract and creative collections of unique masterpieces designed by the most brilliant and talented artists around the world.

Our launch was a difficult process due to the lack of resources, but we have done a restructure in the team and we’re working hard to reach our goals. GAMEX is still a small project but we’re growing day by day. We started with a market capitalization of $10000 and now we’re at $1,000,000. The new team is actually amazing but the Lebanese crisis is slowing us because most of the team is located in Lebanon, with limited support from Lebanese agencies or brokers.

The entire team is doxxed on our website, we have nothing to hide and transparency is our theme, with all members seen with a picture and their LinkedIn profiles. Our next target is to grow and reach a market capitalization of $10,000,000 with more than 13k holders by the end of 2022. We have solid communities in Turkey, Spain, Lebanon, India, Indonesia , philipine and the Arab world.

The upcoming step is to implement cross-chain to other blockchains which will help us in our games and NFT projects. GameX NFT marketplace is under development People can trade , buy and sell NFT by GameX And they’ll earn XGameX as rewards an NFT launchpad will be included as well GameX swap is also in the last phase of development XGameX will be used in GameX swap to stake , farms earn and further in p2e games. Those NFTs will be sold and 20% of their price will go to children’s cancer treatment as we want to make a change in this world. This GameX ecosystem featuring XGameX will Reach a mass adoption

Bitcoin should be a legal tender in Lebanon and cryptocurrency should be legalized, people don’t trust banks anymore and the world is changing so fast that blockchain technology has no escape but to be implemented. Some lebanese channels spread false informations about GameX but we are the first lebanese project in the cryptocurrency industry the rest are amateurs and we will always stay on top.

GameX will help people in Lebanon to have a better understanding of the cryptocurrency industry by launching an academy backed by international partners to expand the knowledge and raise awareness in this field Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies will help Lebanon to rise again by introducing a new ecosystem and will reduce the inflation rate. GameX is built on the Binance blockchain GMX contract: 0xc62ef0d8e137499833abb05dee47007d2b334ba6

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