How are students getting aligned with online learning?


How are students getting aligned with online learning?

The students are getting better and more comfortable with the online learning programme as our school has been running the online platform since March 2020, since the Pandemic started. The DPS STS Online Learning programme is a comprehensive plan that mirrors actual classrooms. We follow a structured assignment schedule so that students are not burdened with the pressure of being online.  We also have classes for Physical activities along with Music, Art and Dance classes. Though our students miss being in school, they are adapting well to the new and present reality.

How are the daily class activities being arranged?

The daily class activities are being arranged by preparing an interactive lesson, applying different teaching methods (collaborative learning, spaced learning, blended learning, self-regulated learning, game-based learning etc.), sharing proper materials for the topic (videos, audio files, dynamic ppt, etc.) and using appropriate and different digital tools.

Daily activities are being arranged by preparing proper plans for the students that will help them to engage in the class. Teachers here are focusing more on the plans so that the students can learn by not being monotonous.

What are the different features that schools are exploring in online learning?

We are making classes more students centric rather than teacher centric. Self-regulated learning methods are being included in the lesson plans. We are sharing visual representations of learning content, including media-rich lessons, reports, newsletters and presentation, interactive images, videos, and other multimedia resources.

Our basic platform is Google classroom and Gmail offering schedule, announcements, assignments, tests & quizzes. Students can easily upload their work and share with us. As mentioned, we DPS STS are incorporating various teaching techniques and applications in our daily lessons. In-house teachers training is held alongside various trainings and workshop are being attended by teachers in their subject zone. Different tools and applications are being incorporated to the lesson plan:

On a tip of a finger a child can learn almost everything just by sitting at home. This has only been possible for the blessing of the internet. Online learning has brought us the opportunity to get the best benefit out of it. We just have to set the right tone on it for children. With the help of it we are now making the students more engaged into the learning process where they can make their active access into the ocean of information.

Co-curricular aspects/activities of students (DPS STS Community Club)?

DPS STS School is well known for their exceptional co-curricular activities and achievements. We have successfully celebrated all National and International celebration and observation though the online platform. Various competitions, exhibition and workshop are being arranged for the students now and then. Clubs are being incorporated for the students of CF to A-levels in various sectors including community helping. We have also established IELTS and SAT Centre in our school to facilitate our students. We have specialized teachers to teach each subject to the students.

On the other hand, we are also doing CSR activities like Education for Human Greatness where our students spread the light of literacy to the underprivileged. Under the DPS STS Community Club, our students are exploring different CSR projects such as:

•             Helping the underprivileged

•             Donating in orphanages

•             Collaborating with other well-known organizations

•             Raising funds

•             Cleaning the roads

Students in DPS STS are not only gaining the academic success but also getting involved in all co-curricular and extra-curricular activities as a part of their daily school routine which is helping them to develop as a socially responsible citizen.

Dr. Shivananda CS is the Principle of DPS STS School, Dhaka


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