How The Darkish Facet Might Win In Legacy Of The Sith


Star Wars: The Outdated Republic’s Legacy of the Sith enlargement exposes Darth Malgus as the subsequent large villain, and his victory may already be assured.

Many Star Wars films and reveals create narratives that make sure the Jedi win, however Star Wars: The Outdated Republic‘s upcoming enlargement, Legacy of the Sith, may flip the script. BioWare’s crew ensures each allegiances obtain truthful therapy as SWTOR encompasses the Mild Facet and the Darkish Facet in its tales. If Legacy of the Sith holds as much as its guarantees, it is probably gamers can anticipate an uphill (or dropping) battle towards the Darkish Facet, particularly contemplating the enemies they’re going to be dealing with quickly.

Star Wars: The Outdated Republic is a non-canon MMO that explores an period 1000’s of years earlier than the Unique Trilogy. Gamers facet with both the Galactic Republic or the Sith Empire and select one in all eight participant courses. Every class experiences a singular origin story. Afterward, gamers can discover expansions like Shadow of Revan, Knights of the Everlasting Empire, Onslaught, and the upcoming Legacy of the Sith enlargement. Imperial and Republic gamers will discover Manaan, a impartial planet liable for creating and exporting kolto, Star Wars‘ main medical materials.


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Certainly one of SWTOR’s most used villains is Darth Malgus, who first appeared within the sport’s cinematic trailers. Imperial gamers may full missions below his command whereas Republic gamers tried to convey him down. The character later appeared in SWTOR‘s False Emperor Flashpoint, the place he was killed by a joint squadron of Sith and Jedi for his betrayal towards the Emperor and crimes towards the Republic. He makes a triumphant return in SWTOR‘s Onslaught enlargement, the place he serves Empress Acina as her Wrath. Sadly, his good conduct does not final lengthy, and he quickly defects to pursue his personal agenda.

Darth Malgus Might Win In Legacy Of The Sith

Star Wars The Old Republic villain Darth Malgus

Darth Malgus is not the one Sith character in Legacy of the Sith, however he is survived excess of many different Sith within the MMO. His potential to outlive lethal fight and spectacular prowess with the Drive assures gamers will not defeat him simply. Whereas it is unlikely Darth Malgus can rival different Sith enemies like Tenebrae, all indicators level in the direction of BioWare using him as SWTOR‘s subsequent large villain. With tenth Anniversary occasions deliberate all through 2022, Malgus may probably develop into the most important risk within the galaxy.

BioWare confirmed that SWTOR‘s Legacy of the Sith storyline would kickstart the subsequent main arc within the MMO. Expansions like Knights of the Everlasting Throne and Knights of the Fallen Empire created an extended, cinematic expertise with shared characters, overarching plots, and an explosive decision. Nonetheless, with Darth Malgus as the first villain, gamers are unlikely to kill him within the first enlargement. Legacy of the Sith as an alternative presents a chance for the heroes to lose and start the subsequent chapter at an obstacle.

Regardless of Star Wars inclination to let the Jedi declare victory in main collection and films, Legacy of the Sith may discover an alternate storytelling technique. The inclusion of Darkish Facet champions encourages new ways and battle methods with darker penalties, and Darth Malgus’ legacy within the Outdated Republic creates a villain with spectacular skills. Star Wars: The Outdated Republic’s Legacy of the Sith enlargement releases February 15 for lively subscribers, with tenth Anniversary occasions deliberate all through 2022.

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