How we can do our part to protect climate


Given that global warming and catastrophic climate events now overshadow every part of our nation, and at an accelerating frequency and intensity, it is a relief to see we are finally being led to address this unfolding crisis. A few may be inclined to say “so what?” but I’m hopeful most of us care deeply about those currently suffering from the devastating effects of climate change, as well as leaving our children and grandchildren a world that’s not an environmental and economic disaster.  

Four months ago, President Joe Biden provided us with a pragmatic and appropriately aggressive set of greenhouse gas reduction goals. Specifically, the goals are for us to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030, and achieve a net-zero emissions economy by 2050. While much of the changes needed to achieve these goals must be undertaken by various federal and state agencies, and many industries, the magnitude of the goals begs the question, how can I, or perhaps should I, have a role in achieving these goals. Fortunately, technologies and economic opportunities are readily available and require only a little flexibility and will.

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