Influencer Marketing Spotlight: An interview with Optiminastic Media


One famous proverb states that change is the only constant. But something in life never really changes, but gains popularity over time and becomes a trend.

In the digital world, influencer marketing is one such aspect.

It is an online media marketing strategy in which brands endorse and create awareness of the product or services through influencers who have strong social influence in their field.

And now that social media took over to reach the masses especially during the time of COVID, influencers/content creators have leveraged the most as brands started to realize the true power of Influencer marketing online.

With an understanding of influencers, we spoke to one of the known digital agencies who are doing impactful work in the influencer arena – It has collaborated with several influencers and hired top and talented creators from its agency network over the past three years. In addition, the company has created a separate segment, “Opti-Crate,” aimed at handling influencers and making spectacular digital content exclusively.

Neetu Bisht is one such creator of Opti Crate, who recently got verified on Instagram. The creator has made a huge impact by working with brands such as MX Taka Tak, Smule, Up stock, and Pepsi. With 1.5 million followers on Instagram, over 11 million on another short video app, and over 100k subscribers on YouTube under the name Lakhneet Vlogs, Neetu has a devoted following.

When questioned, Neetu has built her brand and gained engaged followers on Instagram. What advice she has for growing a personal brand to this level?

To begin with, Neetu answered by thanking all her lovely followers for the overwhelming response received for her channels.

In answer to the question, she responded that social media has given a platform to the creators for development. If you’re good at something then there isn’t a need to perform in

front of petty judges to increase the TRP. All you have to do is showcase your talent to social media the way she did.

Internet power is unfathomable.

And to be successful, social media doesn’t need any godfathers. Only One formula helps: “social media as a profession.” Neetu used this to channelize her energy to grow as an influencer on selected platforms, which paid her back in terms of fame, money, and collaboration.

She also added that sometimes we spend all our energy in making content and the rewards are not as great as thought, but that’s part of the process.

“Keep exploring the craft and one fine day you strike a chord with the audience”. she affirmed

We further asked Neetu about her career, what role did the unprecedented COVID times play?

She replied “The past 2 years have been very challenging for everyone when it comes to finances, economy, and life in general”, but Neetu took it as an opportunity to grow as an artist and made herself more visible online.

With abundant time in her hands, she focused on her creativity, understanding the type of content people expect, and how can she provide something fresh to the audience.

The secret of becoming what she is today goes through a lot of unnoticed work.

We further went ahead to ask Saud Siddiqui, Influencer and Partnership Manager at Optiminastic, if Influencer marketing has a future, or is it only gaining momentum because of the pandemic?

“Influencer” was officially recognized in the dictionary in 2019, its roots go back to ancient Rome in the 1930s. Do you know that the first-ever influencer collaboration happened in 1760 when Wedgwood made the first tea set for the wife of King George III. Royalty being the influencer of the era, the queen marketed his product. Our lives have been influenced by it since then. So yes, it is there to stay, and because of the pandemic, people are exploring it a lot more.

Agencies like Optiminastic offers wings for those who are looking to fly and encourages talent. So do not let corporate noise squelch your inner voice to become a creator.

Thank You!!

Disclaimer: This is a company press release. No HT journalist is involved in creation of this content.

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