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Screengrab of KMRL's Facebook pageKochi: As part of gaining momentum on social media, Kochi Metro Rail Ltd (KMRL) has come up with memes conveying information and rules regarding the metro service.

Interestingly, KMRL has come up with this new route to grab the attention of public, at a time when former state police chief Loknath Behera has been appointed as the Managing Director of the metro service. It was under Behra’s leadership that social media presence of police department got strengthened.

The social media team of the police department used memes to convey rules, information and other guidelines. The same method will be used to leverage the social media presence of KMRL, he reportedly said recently. Similarly, KMRL has been receiving the guidance of ‘Cyber Media’ section.

Meanwhile, KMRL marked its entry into the world of memes by conveying information about reduction in parking fees at metro stations. The officials in metro claim that the memes are getting high traction. Similarly, the team behind is responding to public comments in the KMRL’s Facebook with witty and tit for tat replies.

It is learnt that Behra’s intervention comes based on reviewing the drawbacks of Kochi Metro. Behra, in his first media meet after becoming KMRL’s MD, also pinpointed about revamping the social media presence.

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