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Microsoft Advertising Search Ads Get Disclaimers, Tests Video Ads & Much More

Microsoft Advertising Search Ads Get Disclaimers, Tests Video Ads & Much More


Microsoft Advertising, in addition to the optimization score feature, announced or pre-announced a number of advertising updates. These include disclaimers can now show in your ads, also there are new inline appeals for product ads and vertical-based product ads, plus the company is piloting video ads on the Microsoft Audience Network.

Disclaimers In Ads

Microsoft added a new way to be compliant with policies and inform customers about specific information related to your business. You can add disclaimers to your ads. If you’re in a vertical that has regulation requirements like Automotive, Financial Services or Health and Wellness, you can leverage disclaimers to share all that easily in your ads. Note that you must create brand new campaigns to use Disclaimers in ads, and they’re only enabled at the campaign level.

Here is what it looks like:

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Inline Appeals For Product Ads

Microsoft said that Inline Appeal offering in the Microsoft Merchant Center interface will show you any editorial rejections of offers for the respective policy violations in the Store. This will provide you with a very organized summary overview of key policy violations driving major rejections. In addition, you can request for appeal/manual review straight from the Microsoft Merchant Center interface, with just a single click for all rejections in that policy. No need to reach out to Ad Support and share list of rejections over email! Once an appeal is submitted, you’ll be sent an acknowledgement email with appeal details, with most reviews completed within 1-3 business days.

This is coming soon, before the holidays, said Microsoft:

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Vertical-Based Product Ads

Microsoft is piloting vertical-based product ads on the Microsoft Audience Network, which allow you to use your existing feed to create rich experiences for your target customer. This uses your dynamic data feeds where you can showcase your auto listings, entertainment events, hotels, vacation rentals, and tours and activities in native environments. To get started with vertical-based product ads, reach out to your Microsoft Advertising account representative or contact the support team over here.

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Video Ads On The Microsoft Audience Network

Microsoft is testing showing video ads on MSN and Microsoft News. Microsoft said “With video ads you can boost awareness, capture attention, and drive leads for your brand. Plus, Microsoft is the only platform with access to Bing search intent data, as well as LinkedIn profile data on video assets — this means your video ads on the Microsoft Audience Network work harder to drive deeper connections and deliver you performance across the funnel. Upload snackable video assets as short as 6 seconds or leverage the rich format for storytelling with 30 seconds to 2-minute-long videos to reach audiences actively engaging across Microsoft channels.”

This is not on search but might give you a way to get more exposure for your clients:

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