NY schools try to make up ground after COVID year


Call it learning loss or unfinished learning or a learning gap or a learning opportunity. When Janira Martinez looks back at the 2020-21 school year, all the screen time blurs together.

Joining live Zoom classes; completing asynchronous assignments; chatting with classmates on school software. Or, perhaps, browsing social media or catching up on Netflix when she should have been doing one of those other things.

“I was more susceptible to discover the many wonders of the internet or simply binge a show for hours,” the 10th grader at Peekskill High School in Westchester County said. “Everyone may joke about it, but they’re also semi-serious when they say they didn’t retain any information taught or believe the information was taught in the first place.”

As New York students return en masse to physical classrooms this fall, one of educators’ key tasks will be assessing their academic status compared to where they ought to be — though “ought to be” is a contentious premise on its own — and adapting their curriculum and pedagogy to the effects of the last 18 months under COVID-19.

Second graders Yarilys Veiliz, left, and Karissa Varnacore, right, work together on creating a poster for a special "Heroes" parade during the summer school programs at West Ridge Elementary School in Greece Wednesday, August 11, 2021.  The parade is to be held on the last day of summer school, and all the kids in teacher Emily Peterson's second grade class were creating posters to help celebrate special people in the community.

Not all students have been affected in the same way. Some, well equipped for online learning and richly supplemented with extracurricular activities, zipped ahead while school was disrupted. Others have stagnated or dropped out altogether, exacerbating an already wide academic gap predicated on race, class and wealth.

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