Short North home tour in Columbus to focus on gardens amid pandemic


After cancelling last year for the first time in nearly a half-century, the Short North Tour of Homes and Gardens will return next Sunday.

Sort of. 

Out of COVID precautions, the tour has dropped the homes portion to focus on the outdoors, along with one indoor bonus.

Haley Boehning's yard will be featured on the Short North Tour of Homes and Gardens.

“Last year, we felt we had to cancel,” said Masana Mona, who is chairing the tour with Gayle Rosen. “But this year, we decided to hold it but to focus on the outdoors out of the safety of the patrons and homeowners.”

Haley Boehning in her garden, which is on the Short North Tour of Homes and Gardens.

Starting at the caretaker’s cottage at Goodale Park, the tour will showcase eight yards, all of them a short walk from the park, before ending with a free visit at the Pizzuti Collection of the Columbus Museum of Art — exploring the grounds as well as inside the gallery.  Highlights include “Coco Manor,” at the corner of Buttles Avenue and Park Street, a landscaper’s house rich with plants, and a poolside patio.

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