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Sniper Fashion or Sniper Place is an web slang time period referring to the act of performing oral intercourse on a girl whereas laying in your abdomen like a sniper versus in your knees, which is called Pray Fashion. The time period was first outlined on City Dictionary in April 2022 and was popularized on Twitter in January 2023 after a number of tweets referencing it went viral, inspiring memes about sniper type.


It’s unknown when the time period “sniper type” or “sniper place” was first utilized in reference to a place of partaking in oral intercourse. One of many first notable examples was posted by Twitter consumer @thaboyjozu on October fifth, 2021, writing, “I eat pussy within the sniper place with my legs swaying within the air,” garnering over 8,500 likes in simply over a yr. Sniper type was first outlined on City Dictionary on April twenty sixth, 2022 by HoustonHottieee, writing, “Giving oral intercourse in your abdomen as an alternative of your knees.”


On October seventeenth, 2022, Twitter consumer @Jay_FnHarris posted a video of a polar bear crawling throughout the ice on its stomach, writing, “Once you bout to go eat coochie within the sniper place,” garnering over 21,000 likes and three,800 retweets in three months (proven beneath).

On January seventeenth, 2023, Twitter consumer @UberCiph posted, “Consuming pussy within the sniper place gotta be accomplished at midnight in order that I can hump the mattress in peace,” garnering over 58,000 likes and 5,500 retweets in three days. The subsequent day, Twitter consumer @LilBanng commented with a narrative below the tweet that gained over 240 likes in two days (proven beneath).

not ciph @UberCiph. Jan 17 Eating pussy in the sniper position gotta be done in the dark so that I can hump the bed in peace 647 t 9,352 MommaKity @LilBanng 58.8K ₁6.1M ... Replying to @UberCiph One of my groomers growing up humped his bed instead of jerkin off but he did it so often and so hard that he fucked up the feeling so he could barely even feel it when he was fuckin a girl unless she was so tight it'd hurt. So he basically ruined sex for himself 4:55 PM - Jan 18, 2023 122.9K Views Elizabeth Hurley Font

On January 18th, Twitter consumer @miliondollameat posted, “do u eat pussy pray type or sniper type?” garnering over 22,000 likes and 1,800 retweets in two days. The submit impressed quite a few memes about sniper type over the next days (examples proven beneath).

Phos @Christian_Ps3 Sniper monkey style one of ur hoes @miliondollameat - Jan 18 do u eat pussy pray style or sniper style? 7:54 PM - Jan 18, 2023-322 Views ... Primate Air gun Shotgun Recreation one of ur hoes @miliondollameat. Jan 18 do u eat pussy pray style or sniper style? 516 1 3,256 Leonard Literacy @leonardbookit1 II GIF ALT 22.5K il 1.8M Replying to @miliondollameat Sniper style, but my favorite is powerbomb against the wall. 10:43 AM Jan 19, 2023 36.6K Views ... Active shorts Shorts Combat sport Wrestling Font Contact sport Thigh Barechested Sports Wrestler

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