Toronto fitness club gets truck carrying outdoor gym equipment stolen by thieves


As if the past year weren’t rough enough for Toronto gyms, one had the cherry laid on top of their proverbial awful cake when their trailer filled with about $50,000 worth of equipment was stolen.

Crossfit Greektown had begun offering outdoor classes over the past year as gyms were forced to close due to the ongoing pandemic.

Initially asking their customers to bring their own kettlebells or other small items, the husband and wife team behind the business decided to invest in a truck and trailer along with all the equipment necessary to run their own outdoor programs.

Even when gyms were given the go-ahead to let people back inside in a limited capacity, the popularity of outdoor classes meant the Crossfit Greektown team decided to keep them running.

“We bought the truck specifically for this, it’s not like we had it anyways,” Co-Foudner Jon Dunnill told blogTO.

“Because we had this capability, we took a different path when we were given the okay to let people back in. The fact we could offer these really amazing outdoor classes, people wanted us to do it.”

However, after parking the trailer near the couple’s Carlaw and Dundas home on Thursday night, they woke up on Friday morning to find it had been stolen.

Having been offering 20 outdoor classes per week since purchasing the truck and equipment, the Crossfit team thought they’d be forced to revert back to their old system of having people bring their own pieces of equipment.

Luckily, the truck and its contents were recovered by Toronto Police late Friday night so the business can continue to bounce back in a post-lockdown world. 

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