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Buying a wrecked exotic car or supercar can be a fun challenge — it can also be a way to turn a profit if you know what you’re doing, but for the purposes of this article, we are just focusing on finding your dream car for a great price. YouTube channels like Tavarish have a way of making it look easy to find and purchase wrecked exotics for incredible prices, but if you’ve ever spent time looking into it, chances are you’ve noticed that there are many nuances to the task than there seem. While there are plenty of ways I can warn you about getting into buying wrecked exotics, the first step is finding a wrecked supercar to buy in the first place — we can focus on the logistics later.

Why does having a dealer’s license matter?

Wrecked Lamborghini supercar | STR, AFP, Getty Images

Many auction houses, even for wrecked, repossessed, or otherwise concerning vehicles, require a dealer’s license to participate in the bidding and buying process of vehicles as it isn’t meant to be open to just everyone. In some cases, private buyers can hire the help of a broker who does have a dealer’s license to purchase a car for them through the auction house, but this typically tacks on additional fees and costs on top of what you pay for the car, as well as auction fees. Auctions like Copart are the most obvious place to check for wrecked vehicles, ranging from more average consumer cars to supercars, but it isn’t the only place you should look if you’re in the market.

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