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TELLURIDE, Colo. (CBS4)– A new kind of injury insurance is taking a little financial pressure off athletes of all levels and attracting ski resorts looking to add extra perks to their passes. Spot insurance, which launched a year ago, partnered with Telluride Ski Resort this season which has added the insurance to its passes. While it may bump up the cost the pass, the resort says it’s nominal, and the perks are worth it.

(credit: Telluride Ski Resort)

The insurance covers skiers up to $20,000 each time they’re injured, with an additional $10,000 for physical therapy. There is no deductible, no doctor out of network and no limit to the number of injuries the company will cover.

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“There are a few exclusions like skydiving, things like that that are very dangerous but other than that… skiing, snowboarding, surfing, skateboarding, mountain biking, cycling on the road, it’s all covered,” said Greg Rossi Head of Marketing for Spot Insurance.

Telluride said it plans to add Spot to its mountain bike passes, and says especially after dealing with COVID-19, it’s the added peace of mind guests need.

“Partnering with Spot and including the injury insurance coverage within the scope of our winter lift access products is the cleanest way for us to add value back to our guests and provide peace of mind whilst on the slopes,” said Carson Taylor, director of mountain sales at Telluride Ski & Golf Resort. “We felt getting to market first within the CO and/or destination resort space would further lift our brand recognition and engage with consumers on a more full disclosure basis. Ski resorts cannot eliminate the inherent risks of skiing and snowboarding, but having a product like Spot helps our guests if they do get hurt. The cost for the coverage is passed along to the customer, however; the total fee is nominal as it relates to annually indexed increases for winter tickets and passes.”

(credit: Telluride Ski Resort)

Other resorts are likely to follow. Rossi said the company expects to announce new partnerships in the coming weeks.

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Other partners include the National Ski Patrol Association and USA Cycling individuals looking for the injury coverage benefit can purchase a plan beginning at $25 per month.

If you already have health insurance, Spot works in tandem, helping to bridge the gap between large deductibles so users aren’t struggling to pay out of pocket.

Colorado-based professional skier, Julian Carr, is an ambassador for the company. While he’s known for dropping cliffs to the tune of 250 feet, He used his plan to cover the cost of a broken pinky last year he suffered while walking on his hands-on Golden’s South Table mountain- part of his work-out routine.

“Accumulated about two grand worth of receipts, and I got a reimbursement check you know three weeks later, it was really easy to use,” said Carr.

Carr said it’s not just a benefit for extreme athletes who find it hard to get insurance, it’s a huge benefit for the general workforce in mountain communities. It won’t cover illness but covers everything from tripping and falling to ski accidents.

(credit: Telluride Ski Resort)

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“I think the word of mouth is going pretty big with resort employees as well. I think it’s a great way for people, maybe young, that are looking for a cool mountain job and haven’t quite cracked the code on affordable insurance. So if you’re a mountain employee, I hope that you can catch wind of Spot and spread the word,” said Carr.

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