Keep your cryptocurrency safe and secure with the JuBiter Blade hardware wallet


The Feitian JuBiter wallet is a radical new product from the hardware security company, already well known for its FIDO2 keys, that provides a highly secure cryptocurrency wallet you can carry around and pair to your devices via Bluetooth.

Feitian has a range of small, portable hardware security tokens that help you protect your online identity with passwordless options that connect via USB, Bluetooth, and NFC, and with biometric protection.

The JuBiter wallet is a new product from the company, turning their extensive security and device knowledge to the domain of securing cryptocurrency.

The device itself – known properly as the JuBiter Blade – is a little smaller than a typical business card, though a little thicker. It can be carried in your wallet or bag or phone case and includes a hole to place on a keyring or lanyard. It charges via an included USB cable.

Reflecting the security thinking of its design, even the box is tamper-proof; you have to perforate it to remove the contents and cannot be put back together without it being obvious.

You use the wallet by first initialising the Blade itself; on the first startup, you will be prompted to provide and confirm a numeric PIN, then select the number of security passphrases you wish to have. It’s important you record these passphrases because you will never see them displayed again. Instead, if you need to restore your wallet or reset your PIN you can do so by confirming which words in lists are “passphrase 3” for instance. Next, you pair the device to your phone via Bluetooth, with the accompanying JuBiter Wallet app available on both iOS and Android. USB transaction support is planned for the future.

You can also update the firmware and supported currencies on the Blade, but via a Windows desktop or laptop. A macOS firmware updater is in the works.


These are the three components of the JuBiter ecosystem: the Blade device, the mobile app, and the software updater.

This all combines to give you a highly secure cryptocurrency experience. Your currencies are safe from loss even if you lose your phone. Nobody can use your phone app to raid your currency without the JuBiter Blade. Similarly, you won’t find yourself trawling the garbage tip searching for your old phone because your wallet was tied to a specific device.

Currencies supported include, of course, BTC, as well as XRP, BCH, ETC, ETH, ERC20, LTC, DASH, and EOS, with more to come.

You work within the smartphone app to view markets, receive payments, send payments, create wallets, restore wallets, or perform any crypto-currency required operation you have – confirming these on the Blade. Your wallets cannot be modified in any way without the Blade. The Blade’s display will show the operation being attempted allowing you to approve or reject it.

Specifically, the JuBiter Blade has a built-in 128×64 monochrome OLED display confirming each transaction, using a CC EAL6+ Infineon Secure element. The secure element controls the display, buttons, USB, and Bluetooth on a single chip to avoid man-in-the-middle possibilities.

The wallet restoration is BIP 32/39/44 compliant and can be restored from any other wallet. The device is 64mm x 38mm and 2.3mm thick. The battery is a 33mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery.

You can purchase an individual JuBiter Blade wallet for $US 79, and if you’re keen, you can also purchase a customised JuBiter Blade to support different features or coins or to include your own branding.

iTWire found the wallet trivially simple to use, clearly providing a degree of authentication and safety way beyond simple standard two-factor authentication mechanisms like an SMS message or email, even software authenticators. After all, if the bad guys have your phone, then they have your text messages, email, and authenticator apps too.

If you’ve invested in cryptocurrency the smartest thing you can do is protect yourself from theft or loss, whether malicious or accidental. Just like the world is turning away from passwords, towards hardware tokens, similarly, your crypto protection needs to be an external, trusted, hardware token too.


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