Legal drug operations most deadly of all – Chico Enterprise-Record


While police forces across the country were breaking down doors and confiscating drugs and all money associated with the illegal distribution of makeshift drugs the Sackler Family was operating Purdue Pharma right under our noses and getting away with it. They have directly enabled the death of over 500,000 of our fellow citizens and no one is going to jail.  In fact the family handed over $4.5 billion of their ill gotten gains.  By keeping the rest they still remain one of the richest families in America.

So if you form a corporation and sponsor a charity and an art museum or two you get your name on buildings you get to keep all your drug money.  As my grandfather often said: “In Russia a man sneaks into your farm and steals your property in the night. But in America a man in a suit and hat drives to your place in a fancy car sits at your table, takes out a pencil and steals your property right in front of your face.”

The Sacklers used your doctor and never bothered to come to your house.

— Larry Baumbach, Chico


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