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PLANO, Texas, Sept. 14, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Why Restaurants Are Using SMS Marketing to Reach Customers

Fall is typically the busiest season for restaurants. In 2021, the coming season is more uncertain than usual, as many restaurants are only just reopening to full capacity. One marketing strategy that many restaurant (as well as bar and cafe) owners are turning to is – SMS or text message marketing.

Boost Text Message Marketing With Targeted Campaigns

Restaurants that work with advanced SMS marketing platforms have access to many handy features. ProTexting CEO Kalin Kassabov says, “The main benefit restaurants get from SMS marketing is that they can contact customers anytime with messages and promotions. Once customers give permission, you can contact them whenever you want. Beyond this, we offer a large selection of apps that restaurants can use to highlight special offers.”

ProTexting has quite a few apps that are useful for restaurants, such as:

  • Text-to-Join — This is the first step, where customers give you permission to send them text messages.
  • Menu Specials — Send people daily, weekly, monthly, or seasonal menus.
  • SMS Sweeps — Apps that let customers enter to win prizes. A restaurant might offer a free entree or meal.
  • Loyalty Program — Loyalty programs encourage customers to come back frequently to win rewards. You can customize your loyalty app, choosing the right structure for your needs. As they make purchases, they can earn points to win meals, pizza, beverages, or anything you choose.
  • SMS Coupons – send special offers via text message drip campaigns, all running on auto-pilot.

Text Messaging: An Efficient Way to Reach Customers

As restaurants reopen and plan for a busy fall, they need effective marketing tools to connect with customers. Text messaging makes it simple for restaurants to stay in touch with people and keep them informed of their latest menus, specials, and events.

Compared to other marketing options, such as email and social media, text messaging provides a fast and efficient way for businesses to reach their often busy and distracted customers.

Research shows that 98% of text messages are opened (in contrast to email, where the open rate is around 20%) and that most people read their texts within a few seconds of receiving them. This makes text message marketing an ideal choice for restaurants, which need to keep customers updated with timely information.

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