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SANTIAGO, SEPTEMBER 10, 2021.- This Friday, the Minister of Transport and Telecommunications, Gloria Hutt, together with the Undersecretary of Telecommunications, Francisco Moreno and the head of the Metropolitan Area of Carabineros, General Marcelo Araya, presented a new digital platform through from which users will be able to access different information related to mobile telephone and Internet services in the country. The platform, called “Digital Coverage Maps”, is freely accessible and contains georeferenced data on telecommunications coverage and infrastructure.

The tool will allow users to navigate through nine thematic maps. Among the information available is that related to the antennas in service and authorized, the scope of the contests subsidized by the Telecommunications Development Fund (FDT), the ChileGob Wifi points, the 5G routes and compensation, the 5G coverage awarded and the current 4G coverage.

“Maps of Digital Coverage will be an information platform that will be available to citizens so that they can have accurate information on telecommunications networks, both physical and mobile signal coverage. The objective of this platform is to provide access to information that is very valuable for users, even more so in a context where connectivity assumes an essential role for the day-to-day life of millions of people. For example, it will make it possible to identify the localities connected to the fiber optic backbone network or to recognize if their area has 4G or 5G coverage once the new network comes into operation ”, indicated the Minister of Transport and Telecommunications, Gloria Hutt.

For the Undersecretary of Telecommunications, Francisco Moreno, “this new tool accounts for the remarkable progress we are making as a Government in matters of relevant information for telecommunications users.” In this sense, he stressed that through this platform “we make available to the public all the information related to the enormous deployment of telecommunications infrastructure that we have materialized during the current administration, including those services that will be deployed in the future, as is the case of 5G technology. In this way, people or groups of all kinds will be able to know the situation of their communes and even their neighborhoods, providing them with the capacity to evaluate the scope and quality of services ”.

Those Government initiatives that are currently under development, such as the Austral Fiber Optic (FOA), Tarapacá Fiber Optic (FOT) and the various Last Mile projects, will be added to the platform in the future. In addition, it is important to note that the information contained in this site is referential in nature and is periodically updated, so it could contain differences or gaps in relation to the area or object consulted. Access to the Territorial Viewer is through the website .

Vandalism against infrastructure

During the activity, held at the Carabineros Communications Central (Cenco), together with Minister Hutt and Undersecretary Moreno, the Undersecretary for Crime Prevention, María José Gómez, and the national head of Cenco, Lieutenant Colonel of Carabineros José Sepúlveda. On the occasion, the authorities referred to the latest attacks against telecommunications infrastructure and promised to coordinate the response to vandalism of this type.

According to figures from Chile Telcos, during the last two and a half years, its associated companies have filed more than 4,600 complaints and lawsuits for vandalism against their telecommunications networks. In other words, during this time there have been more than five attacks per day on infrastructure of this type. Of these, more than half correspond to events that occurred in the Metropolitan Region.

“Any act of vandalism to the telecommunications networks means the interruption of the service with negative consequences for thousands of families. We are in a scenario where connectivity has been consolidated as an essential element for the day-to-day life of millions of homes, whether due to its use in teleworking, commerce or distance classes. That is why as a Government we are firmly committed to using all available tools to stop these criminal actions, ”said Minister Hutt.

“The call to citizens is to report any fact or suspicion about an attack on telecommunications networks. Nowadays, a large part of the functioning of our lives materializes through this infrastructure, although even more worrying is that a service cut prevents communications in emergency events, neutralizing the actions of firefighters, ambulances and police. Given these important reasons, as Subtel we have met with Carabineros and the Undersecretary of Crime Prevention to reinforce joint work and prevent more events of sabotage and vandalism from continuing to occur, ”said Undersecretary Moreno.

“The Undersecretariat for Crime Prevention has worked constantly and in coordination with Carabineros de Chile and Subtel to create these Digital Coverage Maps that allow us to identify vandalism that occur against telecommunications infrastructure and to combat these events in a better way” , indicated the Undersecretary of Crime Prevention, María José Gómez.

“This is an extremely effective and highly valued tool. The Digital Coverage Map provides us with surveillance tools and allows people to easily report to our platforms and thus reduce the risks associated with a rather complex situation such as a crime against telecommunications networks. We value the tool that the government authorities make available and we are going to contribute with our teams to contribute to the safeguarding of something so important today, such as communications, and to contribute to reducing crime levels “, said the head of Carabineros Metropolitan Area, General Marcelo Araya.

According to Alfie Ulloa, executive president of the Association of Telecommunications Companies (Chile Telcos), “we have seen an increase in vandalism, sabotage and theft that affect our networks and therefore users, both homes and companies, preventing education , work and connectivity for important needs. As of May 2021, we registered 4,669 complaints and complaints from our associates, a very high figure that reflects the need to redouble efforts in security. Telecommunications companies have teams dedicated to resolving outages in a expeditious, and as a sector we work in permanent coordination with Subtel and the Public Ministry “.

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