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When playing Phasmophobia, your main focus is hunting various paranormal forces. Following a contract (or a “ghost hunt”), you and your team earn money for gathering evidence, completing objectives, and determining which force you’re dealing with.

The more money you earn, the more materials you can buy to take with you on your next contract. With that in mind, your team needs to be tactful about what materials to buy and take with you. Not only is Phasmophobia a game centered on hunting ghosts, but it is a game that requires you to think about budgeting too.

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One significant part of the money-earning and budgeting process that often confuses players is the concept of insurance. Following a contract, you will see a payment screen telling you what you’ve earned. At the bottom, you’ll see you might’ve earned some insurance money too.

What is Insurance in Phasmophobia?

Phasmophobia Insurance Payment

Following your first few contracts, additional materials will become available to you and this is where insurance becomes involved too. You will see that once you return to the lobby after some ghost hunting, the results screen shows how much money your team has earned for their efforts. You will also see how much insurance money you’ve earned.

Essentially, if you or one of your teammates is to die during a contract, not all is lost for your efforts. Insurance means that you will be compensated a portion of money for any materials the deceased player may have lost. Insurance only applies to the materials the deceased player bought.

That being said, insurance payouts also vary depending on the difficulty of the contract you undertake.

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How Much Insurance Can You Earn in Phasmophobia?

a ghost writing a message

With Phasmophobia always providing you with a selection of materials before each contract – flashlight, cameras, EMF reader, spirit box and a ghostwriting book – you and your team will never be ill-fated if someone dies on the job. Insurance simply provides an additional helping hand.

Dying in Phasmophobia is by no means a profitable experience though. Insurance only provides compensation for additional materials taken on a contract and the payout for them varies depending on difficulty.

  • Amateur: 50 percent return for deceased players materials
  • Intermediate: 25 percent return for deceased players materials
  • Professional: 0 percent return for a deceased players materials

With this in mind, even with insurance available, it is still important to be tactful when purchasing materials and to keep the difficulty in mind.

Finally, as long as you and your team live, your additional materials will still be available to take with you on your next contract. Even if you leave materials behind as you rush for your escape – provided you have successfully completed your contract – the items will safely still be in your teams’ possession.

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