Consider adding a string of lights to your garden decor


What a glorious evening it is when a full-moon lights up our garden or our outdoor living space. These times are enchanting and memorable and often give us enough light to be able to see easily. But what happens if you want to have guest for an outside dinner and the moon is not out?  With more and more people wanting to entertain out of doors, and with Covid-19 encouraging people to be outside, thinking of ways to light up your garden, patio or deck is a good place to start. 

This job can be expensive or you can do it on a shoestring budget. There are many creative ways to accomplish making your yard, the ideal place to entertain and not spend a fortune.   

Even during daylight, a string of lights add eye-catching beauty to an outdoor space.

We have a wonderful patio but it has always been dark in the evening. Over the years, I tried many things to make the area more usable. I first hung stars in a tree that were made of grapevines and that were filled with Christmas lights. They looked festive but they did not give off much light. I have always used lots of short votives and tall candles, but here too, this was not quite enough. As people age, more light is needed to see and I knew I needed more light if I was going to have guest to dine outside comfortably.    

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